Lower your Health Insurance Costs with Financial Assistance

Want to keep more of your healthcare costs in your own pocket? You may be able to if you're eligible for out-of-pocket payment reductions.

Out-of-Pocket Payment Reductions

You may qualify to save on health insurance costs through out-of-pocket payment reductions. These are discounts or financial assistance from the government that can lower your out-of-pocket costs

Out-of-pocket costs include your deductible, co-payment and out-of-pocket maximum.

Do You Qualify?

The government decides if you qualify for out-of-pocket reductions based on your estimated yearly household income. Your household income for the year must fall within certain guidelines of the Federal Poverty Level.

This is the minimum income a family requires for basic needs like food or shelter. The government decides these levels. You can check the levels on the Department of Health and Human Services website. The Federal Poverty Level range may change based on the state you live in.

Out-of-pocket payment reductions are only available on Silver Health Insurance Marketplace plans. And they’re only available on in-network services in your health insurance plan.

Calculate Costs and Savings When You Enroll

Use the Ambetter Health enrollment site to find a plan. When you shop for a plan, it will ask for your estimated yearly income. Then our enrollment site will notify you if you may qualify for savings.