It Takes A Village







Has someone you love just had a baby? Looking for ways to help? Here are some ways you can support parents of a new baby.

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Keep the baby safe

NEVER shake a baby. One shake can cause brain damage or even death. If you feel frustrated and you’re losing your temper, calmly put the baby down. If the baby’s parents are getting frustrated, offer to watch the baby for a little while.

Keep the baby away from cigarette and cigar smoke. If you do smoke, do it outside. Wash your hands and change your clothes before handling the baby.

Make sure the baby sleeps safely. Lay them on their back to sleep and keep the sleeping area bare. No pillows, soft bedding, blankets, bumpers, or stuffed toys. Never sleep with them in the same bed. Learn more

Make sure you are up to date on your flu, chickenpox, and Tdap vaccines! Baby’s immune system is not fully developed. This will protect the baby from getting the flu, chickenpox, whooping cough, tetanus, and diphtheria. 

Other things you can do to support the baby’s parents:

  • Go to doctor’s appointments with them
  • Help bathe and dress the baby
  • Feed the baby. If the baby is breastfeeding, you may be able to feed them a bottle of pumped breast milk to help.