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Enroll Directly with Ambetter Starting November 1!


Indoor Fun for the Family

Date: 06/01/20

As Arizona summer heats up, you’ll want to stay indoors and keep cool. But being stuck inside doesn’t have to mean endless scrolling, video games or movies. Here are a few ways to get children having a good time without a screen.

  1. Hoop It Up. Want to get your kids up and moving? Hula-hooping is a great way to strengthen core muscles and burn energy. Clear some space of furniture, sharp edges and breakables. Then get to hooping! For a creative twist, they can walk backwards while hula-hooping or spin the hoop around their arms or ankles.
  2. Keep It Cool. Deal with the heat by eating something frozen! Teach your kids how to make their own healthy popsicles. You will need popsicle molds with sticks, fruit, some flavor fixings like yogurt, coconut milk, honey, orange juice, and/or lemons and a blender. If you don’t have a blender, you can cook fruit, covered with water, in a pot over medium heat until it’s soft enough to mash up. Then be sure to mix in lemon juice and a sweetener to taste. Add water if needed before pouring into the molds.
  3. Build a Fort. Remember forts from when you were a kid? Little ones love to get lost in make-believe, and it’s even better when they get to have a hand in creating the scene. Drape blankets over chairs that you’ve arranged in an open space. Let kiddos “decorate” inside the fort with pillows and toys. Don’t forget to join in!
  4. Create a Tornado. A tornado in a jar is a fun way to get kids thinking about the natural world in a new way. You’ll need an eight-ounce jar with a lid, water, vinegar, clear liquid dish soap and a pinch of glitter. Fill the jar three-fourths of the way full of water. Put in one teaspoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of dish soap, then sprinkle in a small amount of glitter. To get your “tornado” twisting, close the lid and twist the jar to swirl the water and see a vortex form in the center of the jar!
  5. Have a Scavenger Hunt. First, collect a group of “treasures.” These don’t have to be anything special—just regular items lying around. You can create a point system for these items and come up with a prize for the person with the most points. Create a set of clues on index cards or small pieces of paper. These will tell where to find the “treasures.” Draw pictures if your kids aren’t old enough to read!


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