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With Ambetter, you'll get these important benefits:


Medical Coverage

Designed to meet your medical needs and include the essential health benefits.

Ambetter Telehealth - with $0 copay*

Convenient, 24-hour access to in-network providers for non-emergency issues.

My Health Pays® Rewards Program

Earn rewards for doing healthy things like eating right, moving more and saving smart!

Prescription Coverage

Get coverage for needed medications and access to in-network pharmacies near you.

Integrated Care Management

Get well and stay well with preventive care and whole health services.

24/7 Nurse Advice Line

Talk with a medical professional about your immediate health needs anytime.

Optional Adult Dental Coverage**

Get services such as teeth cleanings, screenings and exams.

Optional Adult Vision Coverage

Coverage for services such as eye exams and prescription eyewear.


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*Ambetter does not provide medical care. Medical care is provided by individual providers. $0 Telehealth copay does not apply to plans with HSA until the deductible is met.

**For some plans